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Two Must-Have Menu Items For Your New Deli

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If you’re becoming a first-time deli owner, one of the most exciting parts of the planning stages is creating your menu and finalizing recipes. Delis are an iconic part of American culture, offering everything from fresh-cut chips to amazing sandwich creations. Meats like corned beef have become a staple of most deli meat cases, and there’s little wonder why. Here are a few things you should consider incorporating onto your sandwich board. Grilled Corned Beef Sandwich When you’re looking for a unique twist on the classics, consider creating a filling mixture with some shredded corned beef. Combine a cup of the shredded meat with a few tablespoons of mayonnaise, two or three stalks of celery that’s been finely chopped and a tablespoon or two of finely minced onion. Stir in a couple of tablespoons of yellow mustard, season the whole thing with a little bit of black pepper and mix everything together really well. You shouldn’t need to add salt, because the corned beef will contribute the salt to the mix. Spread about a third of a cup of filling onto a slice of marble rye bread and top it with a slice of Jarlsberg or Swiss cheese. Put a second slice of bread on top and place the sandwich on the buttered flat top grill. You can press it with a foil-wrapped brick if you want to get that crisp, pressed crust, or you can preserve the integrity of the filling by simply grilling both sides to a hearty crunch, which usually only takes a couple of minutes per side. Traditional Reuben Sandwich Every deli needs to have a great Reuben sandwich on the menu. There are a couple of key components to a Reuben sandwich. You need to have good quality sauerkraut. Whether you make it yourself or you stock it from your supplier, it’s essential. Then, you also need to have the right dressing for the sandwich. Reuben dressing is unique, and without it, the sandwich may be a corned beef sandwich, but it’s just not a Reuben. To make the sauce, combine equal parts mayonnaise and sweet pickle relish with a half-part of ketchup. Mix it well and then season it with salt and pepper to taste. That makes the spread for the sandwich. Once you have that, you can start building the Reuben. You need to have rye bread and Swiss cheese along with your sliced corned beef and sauerkraut. Put the dressing on each slice of bread. Add the corned beef to one slice and the Swiss cheese to the other, then top the meat with sauerkraut and put the whole thing together. Toast it on a hot, buttered griddle until the bread is crisp and golden and the cheese is melting. Offering these two deli treats will give you a great foundation to build your menu around. Familiar treats like these are a great way to establish your new deli as a destination. If you’re looking to enjoy some great deli food, check out places like Deer Park...

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3 Must Try Chicken Dishes From Around The World

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There’s something to be said about chicken. It’s lean, healthy, and most of all, it tastes great! Cuisines from all around the world use chicken as a primary ingredient in many dishes, with many of them utilizing the freshest in chicken supplies. Head to a international restaurant or try your own hand at making one of these delicious chicken dishes from across the globe. Laos: Ping Gai Chicken This dish, which is also served in the northernmost region of Thailand known as Isaan, is a street vendor’s delight. It is chicken which has been flattened, grilled, rolled with sticky rice, and then served on a skewer. Ping gai chicken is almost always served with a refreshing – yet oddly salty – papaya salad known as som tam. The chicken is often times marinated with oyster sauce, fish sauce, and a couple of tablespoons of lime juice, giving it a unique kick and a distinctly fish-like aftertaste. Portugal: Cozido a Portuguesa You will be hard pressed to find a stew that is heartier and more filling than this delicious ensemble. Chicken is merely the crown on top of a dish that is stuffed to the gills with meat. Using a chicken broth as its base, this stew adds in a series of vegetables, including carrots and cabbage, before throwing in a veritable boatload of meats into the mix. Chicken, beef, and pork are all used to great effect in this meat lover’s stew, and there are also variations that make great use of blood sausage. Ethiopia: Doro Wat Although Ethiopia is famed for its vegetarian and vegan cuisine, it is also host to a number of amazing chicken dishes. Doro wat is perhaps the most famous of these dishes. This dish is also famed for its difficulty to prepare correctly. Like many Ethiopian dishes, it is served atop of a light, fluffy bread known as injera. The chicken itself is rubbed with a number of different herbs and spices, including cumin, berbere, salt, and garlic. It is then marinated in butter. The dish is known for a complex, dry taste that is complimented by a number of traditional sides and sauces that are served alongside the dish. Chicken dishes are not merely the sole provenance of America. Expand your palate and try one of the aforementioned dishes at a local international restaurant, or, if you fancy yourself an amateur chef, get to cooking! For more information on different types of chicken, contact professionals like Sugar Valley...

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The Differences Between Pastrami And Corned Beef

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Sometimes meat can be so recognizable and yet completely mystifying all at once. You may have heard the name often and even eaten pastrami since you were a kid, but you might not have a single clue what it consists of (or the difference between pastrami and corned beef). Both appear similar at first, and their taste is quite alike as well. It can be difficult to tell the difference because they both appear frequently on sandwiches and a variety of cafe concoctions. Here’s the difference: Cuts Both are made from beef, but they are made from different cuts. Corned beef is made from brisket. Pastrami can also come from brisket, but more often it comes from the navel (the cut closer to the belly). The pastrami cut is more fatty and stand up to longer cooking periods. Because of this, pastrami is often paired with mustards to add acidity and cut the fatty taste somewhat. Corned beef is more of a blank pallet, where you can add whatever flavors you like. Cooking Process Both pastrami and corned beef are cured with salt water, which preserves the meat and adds flavor. However, the cooking process is different for both. Corned beef is boiled while pastrami receives a smoking treatment. Pastrami is then often rubbed with additional spices and flavoring before being smoked. Sandwiches Both cuts of meat are most often found on sandwiches. For corned beef, you are more likely to see it on reubens and other customized sandwiches on St. Patrick’s Day in the United States. Often, cheese is added and melted while the bread is toasted. For pastrami, it is common to find it paired with other deli meats in a “combo” type of sandwich. New York City delis are known for their frequent use of pastrami. Appearance Corned beef is typically lighter colored and consists of a milky pink color. Pastrami is darker pink and it has visible black edges and streaks from the smoking process. Some people prefer the uniform color of corned beef and others like the varied color and taste of pastrami. Pastrami and corned beef are two classic cuts of beef that please hungry restaurant goers everywhere. They make great holiday meals as well, as they can be repurposed in a variety of ways. Just make sure to read up on the differences listed above to impress friends and family (and the local deli owner) when you order your next delicious...

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How to Make Flavored Simple Syrups for Everyday Use

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Flavored syrups have many more uses than just flavoring cocktails. If you don’t drink but still want to try some of the popular and interesting flavors in cocktails, just use the syrups in something else. You can even make them yourself at home. Learn a little about flavored simple syrups and you’ll quickly become hooked. What is Simple Syrup? Simple syrup gets its name because of how simple it is to make. All you do is combine equal amounts of sugar and water and then boil them together until the sugar melts and slightly thickens the water. If you add more sugar to the mixture then you end up with thicker syrup. Too much sugar and you end up with candy. Beginners should start with the basic equal amounts recipe and then experiment later. Once you have mastered simple syrup you can master flavoring it. How to Make Flavored Simple Syrup The easiest way to flavor simple syrup is to toss in a few drops of a concentrated flavoring or essential oil. You can find them in many different flavors and scents, and this makes the process incredibly easy. They are concentrated, so a couple of drops is more than enough. Make sure to read the instructions on the bottle. For something more complicated, you can use your own ingredients to flavor simple syrup. Some ideas include fruits, spices, nuts, and even candy. Here’s a quick look at how these flavors are infused in the syrup: Fruits: Cook with the water and sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Strain the syrup to remove any clumps or seeds. Spices and Herbs: Cook with the sugar and water and then strain to remove. It is best to use whole spices, such as cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, and whole nutmeg. Nuts: Nuts are often soaked and then blended up into a paste before cooking with the sugar and water. Drain the result to remove clumps. Candy: Cocoa powder will make chocolate syrup. Corn syrup becomes caramel syrup. Other candies, such as candy canes or candy corn, should be boiled down into a paste before cooking with the sugar and water. What to Do with Flavored Simple Syrups As mentioned earlier, simple syrups are most often used in cocktails, but nondrinkers can benefit from the yummy flavors, too. Toss that simple syrup into your coffee or tea. Add it on top of shaved ice or use it to make sorbet. Add it to juices for extra flavor or mix it with seltzer to make your own flavored sodas. Spread simple syrup between cake layers to not only add flavor but to keep the layers moist. Simple syrups can create complex flavors for your food and...

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Commonly Asked Water Delivery Service Questions

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It is common for businesses to provide their employees with water coolers to ensure they have access to fresh-tasting water. However, these devices will need to be regularly stocked with water, and this can be an inconvenient task for business managers to address. For those that are facing this problem, a water delivery service may be the best option for meeting this need. However, if you have never considered this option, you may need these two questions answered to help you better appreciate the convenience these services can offer you.  What Should You Expect When Enrolling In A Water Delivery Service? There are some business leaders that may be under the impression that enrolling in these services is extremely expensive and inconvenient. Often, this stems from the idea that there will be expensive fees and lengthy contracts that are required. Luckily, this is not the case, and most of these providers do not require their customers to sign a lengthy contract.  In regards to fees, you will most often only be required to pay a deposit for the water containers that are used by the water coolers. These containers are returnable and reusable, which is why the water delivery supplier requires this deposit, but as long as these containers are returned, this deposit should be refunded.  How Are You Billed For Scheduled Water Deliveries? The amount of water that your employees will use will likely vary greatly, and this can lead to some confusion in regards to how the water delivery company will charge to restock your company’s water. This misconception often centers on the idea that these services will charge a flat fee regardless of the amount of water needed by the company on delivery day.  However, these companies will only charge you for the number of containers that are exchanged and the delivery fee. While there may be a minimum order amount that you will need to pay, these providers will allow you to adjust how frequently these deliveries are made to help ensure that you are not paying more for water than is absolutely necessary.  Supplying your employees with enough water to ensure they are comfortable does not have to be an overly expensive or inconvenient task to do. Having a sound understanding about what you should expect when enrolling in these services and how you will be billed for the water that is supplied will help you to make the right choice about using these services for your...

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Homeschooling Ideas: Introducing Children To Other Cultures

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One of the most important lessons any parent can teach a child is about appreciating the value of the world around them. By familiarizing them with other cultures and traditions, it can spark a desire to learn more, as well as become more accepting of others. As a homeschool parent, teaching diversity is even more important because these children are not necessarily exposed to as many other types of people as they would be in a public school. Since children learn best when their lessons are fun, here are a few ideas for inspiration.  Sample Unusual Cuisine Children are often exposed to Mexican, Chinese and Italian cuisines, or at least an Americanized version of them. To give them a little more understanding of how children around the world eat, look for foods they have never sampled before, such as African food. Mandazi is a type of fried bread popular in Africa. It can be served as a either sweet or savory. Jollof rice is another African recipe, one of the most popular dishes in many African nations. Both are assembled from ingredients that are usually available locally, but even if a meal with unusual ingredients is chosen, remember that it is easy to buy African food online. Teach Holiday Traditions Holidays are the most exciting time in every child’s life. Whether it is Easter, Halloween or Christmas, they will love to hear how children in other countries celebrate these days. Even birthday celebrations can be unique. For example, Hindu babies have their heads shaved on their first birthdays to cleanse their souls. Nepalese children have a dyed yogurt mixture smeared on their foreheads for good luck, and Lithuanian children sit in a decorated chair that is lifted in the air by family members. Discover How They Play Toys is always a popular subject, so it is fun to help them see what other children do for their playtime. Parents can even introduce them to familiar items created in other countries. The Rubik’s cube is something everyone who lived through the 1980s will recognize. It was created by a Hungarian professor named Erno Rubik. Or teach them Kongki Noli, a Korean game similar to the old-fashioned games of Jacks.  There are numerous other ideas to consider, including clothing, jobs and even styles of homes. Parents can easily adapt any of these lessons to the age of the child or the child’s own particular interests or hobbies. What makes it even more exciting is how much parents will enjoy researching this fun lesson....

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How To Plan An Unforgettable Christmas Eve

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Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that you were wrapping presents for Christmas of 2014? And, to top it off, summer is almost over in the blink of an eye. If you like to plan ahead, now is a good time to start your preparations for Christmas. Here are some ideas to make your Christmas Eve a memorable and lovely one for young and old alike. Think about mixing old traditions with brand new ones. Another consideration is to think of dividing the evening into blocks of time. Late Afternoon – There’s nothing like giving of one’s self to make a holiday meaningful.  Consider going as a family to a nursing home or to serenade the residents with Christmas caroling. You’ll be delighted when the residents begin to sing along with you. If you are going to take treats, it’s important to check ahead with the nursing home to make sure which foods will be permitted. Another idea is to take your family to an orphanage or to a shelter for homeless folks. Bringing Christmas story books to read to the children, singing Christmas carols or doing a craft will be something that all of you can enjoy together. Going from home to home on your street singing your way along and delivering goodies at each neighbor’s house will not only be well received, but you might even get to know your neighbors better. Early Evening – Combining spirituality and festivity for your evening activities will be instrumental in making special memories. No matter what you are serving,  consider eating your meal early so that there will still be time to enjoy the evening activities. If there are children involved, think about putting on a Christmas pageant. You don’t even need fancy props. Scarves, robes for belts, sheets for angels are fine for costumes and a baby doll wrapped in a small blanket or a towel will be a sweet Baby Jesus in swaddling clothes. If the group is made of mostly adults, simply reading about the birth of Jesus in the Bible will add meaning to your evening. To make the evening magical, think about asking somebody to be Santa Claus. If you decide to do this, you’ll need to have presents ready. Consider gifts that are good for both boys and girls and simply tie them with a pretty bow in a gift bag. Be sure to let Santa know when he should arrive and tell him where you are hiding the gifts so he can bring them in when you welcome him to your home. To make the evening perfect, consider renting a snow making machine. They’re more affordable than you think. The company will set up the machine for you and will even provide the ice that will be converted into what will seem like real flakes of snow falling from the sky. Can you imagine what it will be like for your guests to go outside and see a white Christmas, even if it isn’t snowing? The machine can even be set up inside your house so that Santa will come into a room where snow is falling, as if by magic. For a professional ice machine, contact a company like Hawaiian Ice...

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