Commonly Asked Water Delivery Service Questions

It is common for businesses to provide their employees with water coolers to ensure they have access to fresh-tasting water. However, these devices will need to be regularly stocked with water, and this can be an inconvenient task for business managers to address. For those that are facing this problem, a water delivery service may be the best option for meeting this need. However, if you have never considered this option, you may need these two questions answered to help you better appreciate the convenience these services can offer you. 

What Should You Expect When Enrolling In A Water Delivery Service?

There are some business leaders that may be under the impression that enrolling in these services is extremely expensive and inconvenient. Often, this stems from the idea that there will be expensive fees and lengthy contracts that are required. Luckily, this is not the case, and most of these providers do not require their customers to sign a lengthy contract. 

In regards to fees, you will most often only be required to pay a deposit for the water containers that are used by the water coolers. These containers are returnable and reusable, which is why the water delivery supplier requires this deposit, but as long as these containers are returned, this deposit should be refunded. 

How Are You Billed For Scheduled Water Deliveries?

The amount of water that your employees will use will likely vary greatly, and this can lead to some confusion in regards to how the water delivery company will charge to restock your company's water. This misconception often centers on the idea that these services will charge a flat fee regardless of the amount of water needed by the company on delivery day. 

However, these companies will only charge you for the number of containers that are exchanged and the delivery fee. While there may be a minimum order amount that you will need to pay, these providers will allow you to adjust how frequently these deliveries are made to help ensure that you are not paying more for water than is absolutely necessary. 

Supplying your employees with enough water to ensure they are comfortable does not have to be an overly expensive or inconvenient task to do. Having a sound understanding about what you should expect when enrolling in these services and how you will be billed for the water that is supplied will help you to make the right choice about using these services for your company.