3 Must Try Chicken Dishes From Around The World

There's something to be said about chicken. It's lean, healthy, and most of all, it tastes great! Cuisines from all around the world use chicken as a primary ingredient in many dishes, with many of them utilizing the freshest in chicken supplies. Head to a international restaurant or try your own hand at making one of these delicious chicken dishes from across the globe.

Laos: Ping Gai Chicken

This dish, which is also served in the northernmost region of Thailand known as Isaan, is a street vendor's delight. It is chicken which has been flattened, grilled, rolled with sticky rice, and then served on a skewer. Ping gai chicken is almost always served with a refreshing – yet oddly salty – papaya salad known as som tam. The chicken is often times marinated with oyster sauce, fish sauce, and a couple of tablespoons of lime juice, giving it a unique kick and a distinctly fish-like aftertaste.

Portugal: Cozido a Portuguesa

You will be hard pressed to find a stew that is heartier and more filling than this delicious ensemble. Chicken is merely the crown on top of a dish that is stuffed to the gills with meat. Using a chicken broth as its base, this stew adds in a series of vegetables, including carrots and cabbage, before throwing in a veritable boatload of meats into the mix. Chicken, beef, and pork are all used to great effect in this meat lover's stew, and there are also variations that make great use of blood sausage.

Ethiopia: Doro Wat

Although Ethiopia is famed for its vegetarian and vegan cuisine, it is also host to a number of amazing chicken dishes. Doro wat is perhaps the most famous of these dishes. This dish is also famed for its difficulty to prepare correctly. Like many Ethiopian dishes, it is served atop of a light, fluffy bread known as injera. The chicken itself is rubbed with a number of different herbs and spices, including cumin, berbere, salt, and garlic. It is then marinated in butter. The dish is known for a complex, dry taste that is complimented by a number of traditional sides and sauces that are served alongside the dish.

Chicken dishes are not merely the sole provenance of America. Expand your palate and try one of the aforementioned dishes at a local international restaurant, or, if you fancy yourself an amateur chef, get to cooking!

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