Two Must-Have Menu Items For Your New Deli

If you're becoming a first-time deli owner, one of the most exciting parts of the planning stages is creating your menu and finalizing recipes. Delis are an iconic part of American culture, offering everything from fresh-cut chips to amazing sandwich creations. Meats like corned beef have become a staple of most deli meat cases, and there's little wonder why. Here are a few things you should consider incorporating onto your sandwich board.

3 Must Try Chicken Dishes From Around The World

There's something to be said about chicken. It's lean, healthy, and most of all, it tastes great! Cuisines from all around the world use chicken as a primary ingredient in many dishes, with many of them utilizing the freshest in chicken supplies. Head to a international restaurant or try your own hand at making one of these delicious chicken dishes from across the globe. Laos: Ping Gai Chicken This dish, which is also served in the northernmost region of Thailand known as Isaan, is a street vendor's delight.